PLEASE NOTE: We have invested in our farms and grown our team significantly over the past 24 months but despite our best efforts we cannot keep up with the demand for our birds. We are very proud of our great reputation and the fact that we have such loyal customers. The quality of our birds is the foundation of this reputation and we will never compromise on this. This is why we will never overstock birds on our farm or in our vans. This has been greatly valued by our customers and has propelled us to where we are today. We are currently taking orders for June. You can order your birds online and select your delivery date or you can contact us by phone/email. A Big Thanks to everyone that has supported us, we really do appreciate it!Ducks have been a common site on farms throughout Ireland for centuries but have recently become more popular with the wider public. Ducks eggs are renowned their benefits when baking and duck meat can be a novelty.

Ducks don’t scratch around like chickens and they can be a little more garden friendly.

It is a common myth that ducks need water however this is not entirely true. Ducks don’t actually need swimming water at all however they do need to be able to wash their eyes as ducks don’t have any eyelids. Find out more.

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