4 Compartment Rollaway Nestbox


  • 5-7 Hens Per Compartment
  • Rollaway Nestbox
  • Keeps Eggs Clean
  • Eliminates Egg Pecking
  • Galvanised
  • Three Year Guarantee
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Our Nestbox has been beautifully designed with both the bird and the poultry keeper in mind. It offers a comfortable and sheltered place to lay their eggs. The slightly tilted nest basket replaces the traditional litter and makes sure the eggs roll into the covered sump tray undamaged. Eliminating dirty or pecked eggs as the hens no longer have any contact with the eggs once they have been laid.

A laying nest needs to be dark and still offer ventilation, but these two elements can be hard to combine. Our nestbox offer just that – creating the perfect laying environment for your girls.

When describing our nestboxes, clean is a characteristic that is of topical discussion. The construction itself contains contains little to no seams, so dirt cannot accumulate properly and it eliminated the possibility of mites in the nesting area. The removable egg basket can be easily washed and the nextbox roof is sloped to prevent the hens from  perching.

In nature, chickens live together in groups. One laying nest is suitable for a maximum of 5 – 7 Chickens. By offering products such as this Nestbox, we prove that top quality can be affordable. Our nestboxes are manufactured in the EU using high quality materials a professional nestbox is available to everyone.

The nestbox itself is made out of extra thick (1mm) galvanised sheet material and ABS plastic parts ensuring years of use and a three year guarantee.