Amber Star


  • Quiet Temperment
  • Brown Egg Shells
  • 300+ Eggs per year
  • Perfect for the beginner

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The Amber Star is a very attractive breed that is popular among free range producers because of it’s high egg laying ability – producing over 300 Class A brown shelled eggs per year! They are a fantastic bird in and are in all senses the closest hybrid to the traditional Rhode Island Red. The Amber Star’s feathering is quiet soft and they have a very placid nature making them the ideal pet or perfect for beginners.

The Amber Star is the result of crossing Rhode Island Red parental stock with Rhode Island Red maternal stock which means that their progeny can be feather sexed.

Age at Time Of Lay 23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year 300 pcs
Average Egg Weight 62.5g
Total Egg Mass 19.1kg
Feed consumption per day 121g
Colour of egg shell Brown
Temperament Quiet