• 280+ Class A Brown Shelled Eggs per year
  • A personal favourite
  • Larger than most other hybrids
  • A very placid and Gentle Nature

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Bluebells get their name from their unusual blue – grey feathers. They are one of our most popular breeds and a personal favourite. They are very easy to care for and are slightly larger than most hybrids which makes them less susceptible to disease. They are brilliant layers and produce over 280 class A brown shelled eggs per year.

Our Bluebells are the result of crossing synthetic original paternal stock Blue Plymouth Rock with Barred Plymouth Rock maternal stock.

Age at Time Of Lay 23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year 280pcs
Average Egg Weight 60.5g
Total Egg Mass 18.5kg
Feed consumption per day 122g
Colour of egg shell Light Brown
Temperament Quiet & Gentle