Chick Starter 4KG


  • Suitable for Day Old Broiler, Ducklings and Layers.
  • Small Pellet
  • 21% Protein
  • Added grit helps birds to grind grain in the gizzard
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Our Chick Starter will provide your birds with a vigorous start and will ensure uniformed development and fantastic form.

Our Chick starter can be fed from Day Old and contains Monasin as an acid in the prevention of Cocodiosis. A blend of high quality grains and plant proteins are used to give a complete diet with essential nutritients and vitamins.

Our Chick starter contains 21% protein in comparison to the indutry standard of 19%. We will never compromise on quality.

It can e fed from Day Old to Point Of Lay however, it is recommended to swap to a grower feed between weeks 5 – 8.