Cuckoo Maran


  • 310 Dark Brown Eggs Per Year
  • Very Attractive Bird with a Placid Nature
  • Ideal for those with kids or new to keeping poultry!

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The Cuckoo Marans are beautiful birds that are very similar to the old native Barred Plymouth Rock. Our Cuckoo Marans are capable of laying 310 dark brown eggs per year. Their placid nature and attractive markings make them  ideal for those with kids or new to keeping poultry!

Cuckoo Marans are often referred to as chocolate eggers because of their chocolate brown eggs which can fetch a premium price at markets throughout the country!

If you value a colourful egg basket in your kitchen or attractive birds in your garden – our Cuckoo Marans are a must have for your flock!

Our Cuckoo Marans are the result of crossing paternal fast feathering Barred Plymouth Rock stock with maternal slow feathering Rhode Island Red stock.

Age at Time Of Lay 23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year 306 pcs
Average Egg Weight 62.5g
Total Egg Mass 19.1kg
Feed consumption per day 122g
Colour of egg shell Dark Brown
Temperament Quiet