Pro Poultry Feeder 16Kg


  • Pro Feeder Range
  • Robust
  • Patented Design
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Non-Perch Lid & Suspension Kit Included
  • Suitable for all poultry types
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Our Pro Feeder Range are a brilliant heavy duty feeder made in the EU. The clever, patented design incorporates a simple click base mechanism, which eliminates the possibility of the feeder and base coming apart. The Pro Feeders are not to be confused with cheaper slide mechanism variations. The anti waste grid keeps feed waste to a minimum allowing you to cut on your feeding costs. Pro – Feeders are very easy to clean, keeping your poultry house spick and span.

This feeder can be used hanging or standing. However, we recommend that if you do not intend on hanging this feeder that it may be worth taking a look at our Pro Feeders with Legs to avoid contamination of the feed.

Suitable for Point of Lay Pullets, Ducklings, Goslings, Broilers, Turkeys, Guinea fowl, Quail  etc.

Hot Tip: From our experience we recommend that you hang your feeder level with the birds back using the suspension kit provided.