Mottled Ranger


  • New for 2020 – Exclusive to us!
  • 260 Eggs Per Year
  • White Egg Layer
  • Placid Nature unlike most other white eggers!
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New for 2020 – Freeway Poultry are proud to be the first to introduce this New Line into Ireland. –  Mottled Ranger

Of course, a hen with such a beautiful name would have to be special and that is exactly what the Mottled Ranger is. A beautiful hen with striking marks – it is sometimes referred to as the rainbow chicken.

Unlike most other chickens that are this attractive our Mottled Ranger is not an ornamental bird but it is actually quiet a productive hen capable of producing 260 white/cream eggs per year.

They are ideal for the beginner or a great addition to any flock adding a splash of colour to both your garden and your egg basket.

What is the difference between White shelled eggs and Brown shelled eggs?

Our Answer; There is no difference between White shelled eggs and brown shelled eggs. Although some people claim that the yolk of a white shelled egg is sweeter, they both offer the same nutritional content.

Age at Time Of Lay23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year260pcs
Average Egg Weight60g
Total Egg Mass15.5kg
Feed consumption per day122g
Colour of egg shellWhite
TemperamentPlacid Nature

PLEASE NOTE: Although this bird may look similar to the Sweedish Flower it is vital that it is not cross bred and labeled as a Sweedish Flower as this will be detrimental to the survival of the breed.