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Effective control for Red Mite and other insect pests in poultry and animal housing with a high dilution rate of 1:20 parts water (One 500ml bottle produces 10L of treatment). Barrier Red mite X Concentrate is non-toxic and safe to use around feed areas, egg layers and foodstuffs. ONE SMALL BOTTLE OF CONCENTRATE PRODUCES 10L OF TREATMENT.

Unique Formulation: Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate is a totally different approach to the control and eradication of Red Mite in Poultry Housing.
The unique formulation has added benefits in controlling Red Mite and other Blood sucking/Biting pests. It controls Red Mite using a physical mode of action. The formulation has a slightly sticky consistency which when applied directly to insect pests, breaks down the wax coating causing dehydration and death. A similar reaction is caused when applying to Red Mite eggs.

Excellent Cleaning, Anti-bacterial & Disinfection Properties: Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate gives excellent cleaning, anti-bacterial results in Poultry/Animal Housing and also disinfects.

High Dilution: A high dilution rate of 1:20 parts water.

Directions for Use: Shake container thoroughly prior to diluting. Pour the whole contents of the 500ml bottle into 10L of water and ensure the mixture is stirred well.
Red Mites live in the poultry housing 95% of the time. After they have had their fill of blood from the birds, they travel upwards into the poultry house and live and breed in the crevices and roof structure of the hut.
Where infestation exists, felt roofs should be lifted and the whole area thoroughly wetted with the diluted mix. Continue treating the rest of the hut � thoroughly wetting the entire infested/affected area.

100% Natural & suitable for Organic Systems: Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate is non-toxic and safe to use around feed areas, egg layers and foodstuffs.
This product falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended) and is therefore suitable for use in organic farming systems.

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