Cream Legbar (Green Egg)


  • Placid Hen
  • Green Egg Layer
  • New for 2021
  • Highly Requested by Customers
  • Very Similar to Easter Egger

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New for 2020/2021 Season

This bird has been highly requested among our customers. A beautiful, green egg laying hen with striking marks. They are highly productive and very placid in nature.

They are capable of producing up to 260 green egg shelled eggs per year.

They are ideal for the beginner or a great addition to any flock adding a splash of colour to both your garden and your egg basket.

They are a great novelty for both kids and experienced hen keepers.

What is the difference between Green shelled eggs and Brown shelled eggs?

Our Answer; There is no difference between Green shelled eggs and brown shelled eggs. Although some people claim that the yolk of a Green/White shelled egg is sweeter, they both offer the same nutritional content.

Age at Time Of Lay 23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year 260pcs
Average Egg Weight 60g
Total Egg Mass 15.5kg
Feed consumption per day 120g
Colour of egg shell Green
Temperament Placid Nature