Do we vaccinate our Point Of Lay Pullets?

 At Freeway Poultry we are renowned in the Irish Poultry Industry for our rigorous vaccination programs.

We vaccinate our birds against all common backyard poultry diseases. We rear all of our own birds and can guarantee that every bird receives all of the necessary vaccinations.

Our vaccination program starts in the hatchery and our birds receive several others while they are growing on our farms.

We are always very transparent with our vaccination certs and health records. We feel that if we make the extra effort to educate everyone that they will be much more vigilant.

How can a supplier tell someone that their birds are fully vaccinated if they don’t even have a cert?

What does fully vaccinated even mean? There are 1,000’s of different vaccines out there. Whether birds receive one or one hundred vaccines they are still considered fully vaccinated as it is up to the farmer to decide how many vaccines their birds should get.