• Geese are excellent grazers and do well on rough land.
  • Elaborate housing is not needed, just shelter against the sun, and storms, but protection from the fox is advisable.
  • Geese seldom suffer from disease, however use of the same land can lead to gizzard worm.
  • Stocking rate : 40-50 Adult geese per acre.

Care of Goslings

  • Goslings need heat from day-old to 1-2 weeks old
  • Goslings are best kept on grass and should not be allowed to become too wet.
  • A 250 watt, infra red lamp will brood 30-40 goslings. Suspend the lamp 15 inches above litter and gradually raise when weaning off heat.
  • A surround of hardboard will keep out draughts.
  • Use straw for bedding


  • Use a good goose/duck starter when young.
  • Use oyster grit to assist digestion.
  • When on grass reduce compound feed gradually. A small amount of corn or pellets can be given once a day in the evening.
  • A good supply of short grass should be available.
  • If penned do not keep in lots of more than 200 and move pens as necessary.
  • Swimming water may be allowed in early months but not during the finishing period.


  • Allow 6-8 weeks to finish depending on condition.
  • Keep as quiet as possible, preferably with the same person attending to them.
  • Finish with ad-lib feed in a cattle yard or similar housing, or on a reduced grazing area.
  • Only natural daylight should be available when finishing.