How Long Will It Take My Point Of Lay Pullets TO Start Laying?

All of our Point Of Lay Pullets are at least 16 weeks old before they are sold to our customers. They generally start laying between 18 and 20 weeks and reach full production by 22 weeks of age.

Hens in a flock do not all begin laying on the same day nor do they continue laying for the same amount of time.

Point Of Lay pullets come into production quickly, they peak and then gradually start to decrease in production. However, as the production decreases the egg weight increases.

Although we make every effort to minimise stress for your birds, we have to remeber that they are experiencing a huge change in their environment. It is very important that everyone follow the information in their welcome pack and that the birds nutritional requriements are met. These will play a huge part in how soon the bird starts laying and even how many eggs she will lay each year.