Preparing for your Chickens for the first time.

So you have decided to take up chicken keeping for the first time or perhaps you may have had hens before and just want to brush up on your chicken keeping skills! Like caring for other pets, it is mostly common sense. A little tender, love and care can go a long way.

We’ve done our best to put together a short guide answering the most common questions that we get asked by first time chicken keepers.

Where can my chickens live?

What can I feed them?

How will I keep them safe from predators?

Where can my chickens live?

Chickens are quiet hardy and are outdoor animals however, it is essential that they have a safe, dry and sheltered place that they can call home. It is best to invest in a chicken coop.

If you are the handy type by all means go ahead and build one yourself. We have an article that outlines all of the key principles of a well-designed chicken coop.


If you are looking to buy a chicken coop we have a full article on finding the perfect coop too.

What Will I Feed Them?

Chickens need a balanced diet and a fresh supply of water to keep healthy. Hens are very productive laying almost an egg a day. Laying Hens are essentially high performing athletes. Getting the right nutrients and minerals in the right quantities is very important but don’t stress as Layers Pellets has been specially formulated to meet all of the hens requirements. Layers Pellets are available from most local hardware and pet stores. However, as the hens grow older we would recommend trying some oyster shells or some vitamins to prolong their laying life.

Fresh, clean water and feed should be available at all times and contamination must be avoided. The easiest way to ensure a fresh supply of feed and water and to avoid contamination is to buy Poultry Feeders/Drinkers. They are inexpensive and by far one of the best investments you can make for your new girls.

How can I keep them Safe from Predators?

Foxes are the biggest threat to backyard flocks in Ireland however, it is not unheard of for domestic pets such as dogs to also take a fancy to your girls. You should always be mindful of having your chickens out during the day and ensure that they are in an enclosed area to keep them from wandering too far.

By feeding your indoors or choosing the right outdoor feeder you also reduce the risk of exposure to wild birds and rodents. We have a full article on choosing the best chicken feeder right here

We have tried our best to keep this article short and simple.