Point of Lay Pullets

All Point Of Lay Pullets that are out of stock will be available again from the 1st of March. If there is a breed that you particularly like it is best to contact us to pre order.

You will be able to pre order online from 1st of December 2023

Keeping Laying hens in your back garden can be a fun, rewarding hobby. With a little tender, love and care your birds will lay lots of eggs. A magnet for young kids and grand children and can be great way to delegate a little responsibility.

All of our breeds are reared together which allows you to pick and choose as you please without having to worry about your birds fighting when they settle in their new home.

We have carefully selected all of our Hybrid birds for their temperament, attractiveness and egg production abilities.

Caring for your laying hens is very easy and when you collect your birds you will be given a welcome pack that will contain all of the information that you need. From settling in your birds to feeding and the best bedding options. All of this information is also available online.

All of our birds are reared on farm in the Republic of Ireland, we don’t buy birds from any wholesalers or hen dealers. We feel that this is very important as it allows us to produce a quality bird time and time again. Giving you, as the customer peace of mind.

We will never cut corners when rearing our pullets and producing a top quality bird will always remain our top priority.

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