20L Tripod Feeder


  • Robust Poultry Feeder
  • Sturdy & Easy To Fill
  • Holds a full 20Kg Sack of Food
  • Dimensions 36cm Diameter/56Cm High


These robust top fill Tripod Poultry Feeders are made of heavy-duty plastic.

They are very sturdy & easy to fill with a secure screw lid. They come complete with a removable anti-waste ring for ease of cleaning. These Feeders are suitable for medium and large poultry flocks as the feed is always readily available from the hopper above.

The clever design incorporates a domed shape of the tank is specially designed so that the birds can’t perch on it and contaminate the pellets from above.

Suitable for hens, geese, turkeys, ducks etc.

This feeder is capable of holding a full 20Kg Sack of food.

Dimensions 36cm Diameter x 56cm High

Feed Pan stands 16cm from the ground.

For indoor or covered outdoor areas.