Automatic Duck Drinker


  • Automatic Drinker
  • Hose Lock System Supplied
  • Eliminates contamination
  • Designed for Ducks but also suitable for Chickens

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This new innovative Automatic Duck Drinker ensures that your flock can enjoy an unlimited supply of fresh, clean drinking water.

Made from thick, heavy duty plastic, the BEC Automatic Duck Drinker has a 16 litre capacity and is connected to a hose pipe via a garden ‘Hose-Lock’ type connector. (Included)

The Automatic Duck Drinker also includes an inbuilt automatic cut-off ball valve to keep the water supply regulated.

The BEC Automatic Duck Drinker is easy to set-up and to keep clean, and provides a never ending supply of drinking water for your ducks.

This design ensures that the ducks can wash their heads in the water, which is essential to prevent bacteria from growing over their eyes but not allowing them to swim in the drinking water and contaminating it.

Although it has been speciallly designed for ducks and geese this drinker also proved to work just as well with Chickens and Turkeys.