Borotto 49 Egg Automatic Incubator


  • Digital temperature display
  • Automatic egg turning
  • Manual humidity control
  • External water top-up
  • Holds up to 49 Hen sized eggs


The Borotto Real 49 Egg  Automatic Incubator is designed to be easy and straight-forward to use while at the same time offering innovative technology and high reliability. This 49 Egg Incubator is fully automatic and turns the eggs a full rotation every 2 hours!Temperature is controlled by an accurate digital display.  It is possible to set the temperature from 30°C to 40°C with 0,1°C increments.

This Borotto Real Incubator is suitable for everything from Quail to Hen eggs & Goose eggs. It is capable of holding 49 Large eggs (Hen, Duck) or 196 Small eggs (Quail)

The Inspection windows to allow you to follow all the stages of incubation.

The water trays can be filled from outside the incubator eliminating the need for unnecessary heat loss which is vital for the hatching of healthy chicks. This also allows the incubator to be much more energy efficient costing less than 45c a day!

A reusable hatching mat is supplied with the incubator for the last three days of the incubation period!

“REAL 24”: a dynamic reality with 3 patents.

1) Universal alveolus system:

First and only professional egg cup able to lodge in vertical position every type of egg, from goose to quail ones. In every single lodging you can insert, instead of one hen egg, 4 small-size eggs: in a quite little room, you can incubate up to 96 quail eggs, cutting down electric power consumption.

2) Water filling up from outside:

The internal basins can be filled up by pouring water in the handy fillers outside the incubator.

The external operations are fast and practical, drastically cut down the humidity loss that would otherwise be wasted by opening the incubator to fill up the internal basins.

3) Insulated Ventilation, a ventilated thermic insulation:

The internal ventilation is supplied by a noiseless turbine, that sucks air from below and carries it onto the side walls, creating a warm air barrier. Moreover, thanks to a refined and aerodynamic design, unique for its category, a better temperature and humidity uniformity inside incubator is guaranteed.

Artificial Intelligence: a digital electronic device in the incubator allows the user to set the required temperature with an accuracy of 0,1° C, keeps the internal temperature uniform despite the external temperature, assuring the embryonic growth without decompensation.

The adjustment works on the principle of feedback: the temperature taken by the NTC sensor is compared to the data chosen by the user. The special algorithm used by the microprocessor allows to eliminate the oscillations that are typical of the simplest adjustments, offering quick response and good temperature stability, typical of very sophisticated control systems.

Automatic egg turning system (the eggs are turned automatically)

These technical characteristics and carefully selected components grant precision and reliable performances over the time. Along with a compact and fashionable design, they make the “REAL 24” incubator a high quality system at a smart price.

Technical characteristics: – Capacity: 24 hen-eggs or similar / 96 quail-eggs

Voltage: single phase, 230 V CE – Plug: Factory Fitted UK /  Irish plug

Average daily consumption: max. 1 kW/24 hours.

Super-efficient costing less than 45 c a day to run.

Maximum power: 100 watts