Borotto Lumia 16 Egg Automatic Incubator


  • Fully Automatic Egg Incubator
  • Smart, High Performance Technology
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Suitable for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Quail etc.
  • Supplied with in depth incubation booklet
  • Capacity: 16 Large Eggs (Hen/Duck) – 64 Small Eggs (Quail


The LUMIA 16 Egg Incubator: A small, technologically advanced, high performance incubator. Its elegant design with “smart” technology makes this machine smart and easy to use and one of the best in its class. LUMIA 16 stems from a desire to make the miracle of life available to all. It includes the highest professional incubation technology aimed at those with a limited number of eggs. The same technology that BOROTTO uses in larger models that can reach a higher level of accuracy and reliability. LUMIA 16 is designed and built to better meet farmyard poultry and valuable species breeding requirements. Unique Egg Holding System: The first egg holder in the world that can vertically hold any type of egg: from goose to quail ones. Each cup can hold: 1 hen egg (or larger size species) or 4 small eggs, up to a total of 64 quail eggs. An innovative system in egg logistics that contains the most number of eggs in a limited space, thus drastically reducing energy consumption. External Filling of Water Trough with Dust Plugs: it is filled up through two fillers on the outside of the incubator, which drastically cuts down humidity loss that would otherwise be wasted by opening the machine. The outside fillers are closed with special “Dust Stop” plugs, which are made of ABS polymer with BIOMASTER antibacterial silver ion additive, to prevent the water from being contaminated by germs and dust, thereby keeping the area around the egg cleaner and more hygienic. Insulated Ventilation System: internal ventilation is supplied by an axial fan that sucks air from the centre and carries it onto the side walls. Moreover, this air movement, together with a refined aerodynamic design, besides guaranteeing a better temperature and humidity uniformity inside the incubator, generates a warm air barrier that ensures effective heat insulation. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS INCUBATOR STRUCTURE IN HEAT-RESISTANT ABS WITH BIOMASTER ANTIBACTERIAL ADDITIVE: with the precise aim of reducing heat loss during incubation and hatching, LUMIA 8 is made of a specific HEAT-RESISTANT ABS polymer with high mechanical resistance, which gives the machine a tough and robust design. A specific BIOMASTER antibacterial silver ion additive is added to the material to prevent the harmful growth of bacteria on the machine surfaces during operation, with consequential bacterial infections to the embryo, which is one of the main causes of death when hatching chicks. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONTROL: a sophisticated electronic temperature control device in the incubator allows the user to keep the microclimate inside constant, with an accuracy of 0.1°C. The electronic system keeps the set temperature uniform despite the external environmental temperature, thus ensuring embryonic growth without decompensation and with higher hatching results! The system works on the principle of feedback: the temperature taken by the NTC sensor is digitally processed by an advanced Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) algorithm, which eliminates the oscillations that are typical of the simplest adjustments, thus offering quick response and good temperature stability, equal to control solutions used on much more sophisticated equipment. EGG TURNING SYSTEM: LUMIA 8 automatically turns the incubated eggs for the entire incubation period. The microprocessor inside is programmed to regularly change the inclination degree of the eggs, always varying it differently, exactly as it happens inside a nest. STATIC HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM: the humidity needed for embryonic growth is generated by static effect. There are special grooves on the bottom of the incubator, which are designed to generate the proper level of humidity during the entire incubation period. MAXIMUM VISIBILITY INSIDE: the incubator lid, also in heat-resistant ABS, is entirely transparent to ensure full and constant internal visibility, without ever having to open the incubator during incubation or hatching. NON-STOP POWER SUPPLY: the LUMIA 8, powered at 12 V, is supplied with an extra cable that can be connected to a vehicle cigarette lighter. If there is a power cut in the house, this device can be connected to any 12 V socket, such as that in a vehicle, to prevent the incubation process from being interrupted. LIMITED ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The limited requirements of the device are an effective response to the growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection.