Rhode Island Red


  • Rhode Island Red Hybrid
  • Lohmann Brown Classic
  • Vaccinated against Mareks
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  • Guaranteed Female

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In Ireland, when you hear someone refer to a Rhode Island Red, they are usually referring to a Red Hybrid. The reason being is that Hybrids are much more efficient, they produce more eggs and are more sustainable. Rhode Island Hybrids are by far the most common hen in Ireland and have lasted the test of time. They have been in Irish Gardens on and on farms for decades.

Usually, when something is so widely available there is a reason for this and this is because the Hybrid Rhode Island Red was a giant leap forward in the poultry industry when compared to it’s purebred predecessors but now there are 100’s of hybrid hens available and here at Freeway Poultry we have selected 20 of the best genetics that we have discovered. We travel the globe attending industry specific trade fairs and meeting with our suppliers to keep up to date. All of our strains have been carefully selected because of their specific traits.

Our coloured hybrid hens, although slightly more expensive than the Rhode Island Red offer longer laying periods and an extended laying lifetime which pays off for itself in the long run. It makes keeping backyard poultry just that bit easier and less stressful.

However, they are still one of the most productive strains on the market producing 340 eggs in their first year of laying.

Age at Time Of Lay 23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year 310pcs
Average Egg Weight 62g
Total Egg Mass 18.2kg
Feed consumption per day 122g
Colour of egg shell Brown
Temperament Gentle Nature