Genuine Hotline Hot Gate 1.1M


  • Makes Access to Your Pen Much Easier
  • Genuine Hotline – Not to be confused with cheaper variations
  • Easy to set up
  • Huge Time Saver


Easy access Hotline gate system for poultry netting which ties into existing poultry nets to provide simple access in and out of poultry netting enclosures without the need to turn the energiser off.

It is a stand-alone gate system that can easily be incorporated into any existing Hotline poultry netting.

1.25m wide and ties in between the end of the netting and replaces the other side with a ground-docking socket which is then anchored to the ground with the pegs of the new gate post.

Hotline Hotgate-Hot Gate is better than the old gate system.

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1.1M Hotgate, 1.2M Hotgate