Hotline Gemini Energiser


  • Suitable for up to 4 Rolls of Poultry Netting
  • 3 Week Battery Life
  • High Power Unit
  • Not to be confused with cheaper variations

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A good powered fencing unit suitable for up to 4 rolls of Poultry Netting.

Suitable for all farm uses including Rabbit & Sheep Net.

Can be used from mains power or from a 12 volt battery.

Low battery indicator.

Will power upto 18Km of wire or 15 Sheep Nets.

We can supply the correct batteries for these units.

Upto 4 weeks battery life from a 75 Amp/Hr Battery.


2.4 Stored Joules

1.2 Output joules

Output volts: 8100v

Output volts under heavy load: 4800v

Consumption for mains power: 2.6 watts Approx.

12v battery life: 3 weeks Approx