Layers Pellets 4KG


  • Formulated for Ducks and Hens
  • Small Pellet – Suitable from 16 weeks old
  • Nutritionally Balanced
  • Suitable for mixed age flocks
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Our Layers Pellets are formulated to meet the energy and nutritional requirements of the laying hens and ducks throughout production. The small pellet ensures safe digestion for bantams and smaller breeds of chickens.

Our Layers Pellets contain only the highest quality ingredients and all of the essential amino acids for good feather development and egg production. Our Pellets are nutritionally balanced with vitamins and minerals which ensure good health and excellent egg production.

Our Layers Pellets can be fed from 16 weeks of age and are suitable for mixed age flocks. They are suitable for both Free Range flocks or those with restricted access to green forage and can be fed all year round.

Please ensure that clean, fresh water is available when feeding and this product should only be fed to poultry.