• 270 eggs per year
  • White Egg Layers
  • Attractive gold feather pattern
  • Shy & Gentle Nature

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The Partridge Hen gets it’s name from it’s feather’s colour pattern – gold partridge.

These hens are exceptional layers and are very similar to the leghorn.

The Partridge Hen Lays white shelled eggs which is unusual for a dark coloured hen. They are very attractive and are one of our most popular white egg layers.

They can be excitable and flighty at times but this just adds to their intriguing character. Although not suited to an urban flock they are a great bird for country or farmyard life as they are very attentive and have a better chance against predators!

What is the difference between White egg shells and Brown eggs shells?

Our Answer; There is no difference between White egg shells and brown egg shells. Although some people claim that the yolk of a white shelled egg is sweeter they both offer the same nutritional content.

Our Partridge Hen is the result of crossing  Brown Leghorn – Partridge paternal stock with Brown Leghorn – Partridge maternal stock.

Age at Time Of Lay 23 Weeks
Number of eggs per year 270pcs
Average Egg Weight 60g
Total Egg Mass 15.5kg
Feed consumption per day 122g
Colour of egg shell White
Temperament Gentle & Shy in Nature