Cosy Nestbox


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Our Cosy Nest offers the ideal conditions for your girls to happily laye their eggs. For Poultry it is essential that the laying nest is both dark and well ventilated which is a combination that is quiet hard to achieve but our cosy nestbox fulfils this necessity.

The Ventilation grills allow minimal light while offering sufficient air circulation. The nest is manufatured using high-quality, impact resistant polypropylene.Thanks to the material and shape, the nest is very easy to keep clean. With no seams it eliminates dirt accumulation and prevents mites in the nesting area.

The top of the nest has a rounded shape to prevent the poultry from perching on top of it.The height of the edge and the shape of the laying nest ensure that the poultry cannot scrape the bedding out of the nest.The entrance of the nest is equipped with a small step with a non-slip structure, so that the birds can easily enter the nest.

The back of the nest is open because the nest is to be fixed to a wall using 4 mounting holes at the rear outer edge allow a quick fastening and a secure hold.